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Project with H2FA and Skai Energies. A90 Hyprovide Electrolyser to be delivered for supplying one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing industrial areas with 100% green hydrogen.

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A-Series A90



Production (kg H2/day)


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Project location
Project with H2FA

Powered onsite by solar panels

Case with modular hydrogen production developer Hydrogen Fuels Australia Pty Ltd for Australia’s first integrated green hydrogen production and refueling station.

Powered onsite by solar panels, the system will supply one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing industrial areas with 100% green hydrogen. The project will use rainwater and renewable power to produce around 60-90 kg green hydrogen per day. Ultimately the site will be scaled up to supply approximately 3,000 kg with the capacity to fuel 100+ vehicles per day.

Find the press release here and the project website here.

Electrolysis equipment for every scale


HyProvide™ A-Series

Available in standardised, modular configurations for maximum efficiency, versatility and scalability, this next-generation technology makes the A-Series one of the most efficient alkaline electrolysers on the market. The unit is designed from the ground up to accommodate the input fluctuations that come with renewable energy sources. Its versatile design allows for application across many different market segments for green hydrogen production.


HyProvide™ X-series

The X-Series is based on the existing well-proven technology, optimised for use in the growing market for large-scale applications in, for example, industry, energy and heavy-duty transport sectors. Its unique multi-stack concept allows the electrolyser to reach higher voltages crucial to utilise mass-produced, low-cost and high-efficiency power electronics from wind and solar markets operating in the 1000-1500V range.

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CCO, Green Hydrogen Systems