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One of the world's first 100 MW electrolysis plants co-funded by the EU and built in collaboration with a consortium of partners. 


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036935


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X-series X1200



Production (MT H2/day)


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EU-funded 100 MW demonstration plant

Production of 41,32 metric tonnes of hydrogen per day

The GreenHyScale project aims to accelerate largescale production of green hydrogen by building and operating the first 100 MW green electrolysis plant. The latter will be erected in GreenLab at Skive, Denmark, and replicable in the rest of the world for greater impacts. The project will utilise our upcoming HyProvide X1200 pressurised alkaline electrolysers to enable large-scale production of green hydrogen – which will make the establishment of a commercially viable hydrogen infrastructure possible. GreenHyScale is to be considered a cornerstone in the global green transition.

On 31st of March 2023, the first HyProvide X1200 6 MW prototype was finalized and shipped from our factory to Greenlab, where it will be tested and validated during the remaining of 2023. Read more

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Key facts about the project

GLS overview GreenhyScale-1-1

6MW electrolyser prototype currently under installation


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Electrolysis equipment for every scale


HyProvide™ X-series

The X-Series is based on the existing well-proven technology, optimised for use in the growing market for large-scale applications in, for example, industry, energy and heavy-duty transport sectors. Its unique multi-stack concept allows the electrolyser to reach higher voltages crucial to utilise mass-produced, low-cost and high-efficiency power electronics from wind and solar markets operating in the 1000-1500V range.

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Søren Rydbirk

CCO, Green Hydrogen Systems