21 09 2021


Kasper Tipsmark Therkildsen appointed new CTO

We have the pleasure to announce the appointment of  Kasper Tipsmark. As the new CTO of Green Hydrogen Systems. Kasper has worked in the industry since 2009 and has been with Green Hydrogen Systems since 2019 as Head of the Technology team. Kasper will be succeeding Jørgen Krogsgaard Jensen, who after 14 years of acting as our CTO decided to step down to create time for his technical dedication and assumes a role as Senior Vice President, Technology R&D.
Jørgen has been instrumental in establishing our current technological foundation within pressurized alkaline electrolysis, and we are excited to continue to work closely with him on the technological advancement of our current and future product offering.
As the new CTO Kasper will be leading Green Hydrogen Systems’ technological development to position the company as the leader within the innovative electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen based on renewable energy. Kasper holds a PhD in experimental atomic physics from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen with extensive experience developing and implementing new technology. Kasper also has experience from Siemens as both Team Leader and Senior Project Manager in various business areas, including Healthcare, Corporate Technology, and Energy Management. Kasper is the author or co-author of 13 peer-reviewed publications and 11 patents and patent applications within catalysts, electrodes and separators for electrochemical applications.
The changes will take effect immediately. Please join us in congratulating Kasper and Jørgen on their new endeavour with Green Hydrogen Systems.