Green Hydrogen Systems appoints new Chief Technology Officer

06 05 2024


Green Hydrogen Systems has appointed new CTO.

Green Hydrogen Systems has appointed Torben Hvid Larsen as its new CTO. Torben has worked in the wind industry since 2001 at Vestas and has contributed to the technical development of this company, which has grown from a start-up to a global player in the wind turbine market.
As the new CTO, Torben will lead Green Hydrogen Systems’ technological development and continued industrialisation of products, maintaining the company's positioning as the leader in innovative electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen based on renewable energy.

Torben's academic prowess, with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and leadership education, coupled with his extensive professional experience, particularly in developing and implementing new technology, is a testament to his qualifications. Torben has been deeply involved in developing the platform technology in Vestas, leading a Technology R&D organisation from design to implementation.
Torben will join Green Hydrogen Systems on 1 June 2024.