GHS enters the Australian market

06 04 2021


Green Hydrogen Systems takes its electrolysis equipment to Australian shores

Green Hydrogen Systems, a leading provider of efficient pressurised alkaline electrolysers used in onsite hydrogen production based on renewable electricity, and its partner and system integrator Skai Energies have been chosen as electrolysis technology provider and integrator for a hydrogen generation project in Australia.

Powered onsite by solar panels, the system will supply one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing industrial areas with 100% green hydrogen. The project is led by our partner and system integrator Skai Energies and includes a complete hydrogen solution consisting of a HyProvide A90 electrolyser from Green Hydrogen Systems and a RE8760 Energy Management System from Nilsson Energy. Together with the equipment supply, Green Hydrogen Systems will also support the project with onsite maintenance and remote monitoring and support as part of a three-year service agreement.

“There is an unprecedented momentum in the Australian market for green hydrogen supported by industrial demand and political decisions. And we at Green Hydrogen Systems are thrilled to be working on this project with partners who possess the crucial market knowledge and share our vision to pioneer the field of green hydrogen and drive a sustainable global energy transition.” Says Green Hydrogen Systems CCO Søren Rydbirk.

“I am incredibly excited to be selected as a technology partner and system integrator for this green hydrogen project, and proud to be bringing Green Hydrogen Systems and Nilsson Energy technology to Australian shores. The HyProvide A-Series equipment is designed to work very efficiently with the variable load from renewable electricity sources – in this case, solar. With hydrogen solutions becoming competitive with traditional energy carriers, particularly when using highly efficient and proven equipment from my partners, it is great to get into a green hydrogen project to support the vision of the project developer, and accelerate the energy transition. Says Skai Energies CEO Craig Ehrke.

The first stage of the project is to be commissioned early 2022 and will produce around 60-90 kg green hydrogen per day. However, given the prime location and growth of the industry, green hydrogen supply will need to steadily grow to meet the demand.  As Green Hydrogen Systems’ electrolysers are standardised units that can be combined for multi-MW production, the hydrogen generation project will be able to meet any subsequent need to scale up by adding new HyProvide units to the initial setup.

Green Hydrogen Systems is delivering electrolysers to numerous projects in Europe. The company has recently moved to brand new production and R&D facilities, allowing for a significant production ramp-up of its efficient and modular pressurised alkaline electrolysis platforms to accommodate the increasing demand for green hydrogen.

For more info please contact:

Søren Rydbirk, CCO
+45 7550 3500


Aleksandra Lozinska, Marketing and media relations
+45 4414 0344

About Green Hydrogen Systems

Green Hydrogen Systems is a leading provider of standardised and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen solely based on renewable energy. With its wide range of possible applications, green hydrogen plays a key role in the ongoing fundamental shift in our energy systems towards a net-zero emission society in 2050. As a result, the demand for green hydrogen is surging, requiring a significant scale-up of electrolysis capacity. Founded in 2007 and building on more than 10 years of technology development, we today have a commercially proven and cost competitive electrolysis technology, endorsed by leading wind energy companies.